Bike rental prices:

GT Avalanche Sport

MTB, hardtail

1 day:   NOK 500

Extra days?  NOK 300 pr. extra day


GT Force Comp

Full suspension bike

1 day:   NOK 700

Extra days? NOK 500 pr. extra day






1 day: NOK 500.

Extra days? NOK 300 pr. extra day


GT Stomper

Juniorbike 24″ og 20″

1 day:   NOK 250

More days? NOK 200 pr. extra day

Helmet: NOK 50 pr. day
SPD pedal: NOK 50

The bikes are brand new. All bikes comes with ordinary pedals, extra tubes and tools. You will also need a lock, always use the iock when you don`t use the bike.   We recommend always have your phone itwh you while biking in case of emergency.

Canoe / Kayak Rental:

Canon 3 stats: NOK 500 pr. day / NOK 400 pr. extra day

Kayak: NOK 400 pr. day / NOK 300 pr. extra day

Packraft: NOK 700 pr. day / NOK 600 pr. extra day

Includes wests, waterproof bag


Prices for driving out or collect:

NOK 300 one way 10 km *

NOK 750 one way 30 km *

*Includes driver and driving

Please contact us at:

(+47) 977 61 521